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Strong Coffee
Strong Coffee
gymBrew. Strong Coffee Subscription (save 10%)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, gymBrew. Strong Coffee Subscription (save 10%)
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gymBrew. Strong Coffee Subscription (save 10%)

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Calling all night owls, alarm snoozers and go getters. One of UK’s strongest 100% Arabica coffees, carefully crafted for a delicious, powerful and smooth kick.

Hand-roasted to order in small batches to maintain quality and freshness. It’s the ultimate pre-workout boost. 

Directly sourced by us, from an amazing family run farm owned by Lucas Lancha de Oliveira, near the town of Ribeirao Corrente - in Portuguese meaning flowing waters. Blessed with quality flavour notes of chocolate, cocoa and nut, it's a taste bud riot. Combined with naturally high caffeine, making it approximately 40% stronger than the average Arabica coffee. It's the product of pain staking research and testing by team gymBrew.

What you need to know:

Hand-roasted to order. Medium/dark for a rich, bold and balanced flavour.

  • 🥇Crafted in our Great Taste Award Winning roastery
  • 🦥 Ethically, sustainably and direct sourced from a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm 
  • 🌳 We plant a tree for every purchase (currently in Madagascar) through our friends at Ecologi
  • 📦 Fast and tracked delivery 
  • ☕️ 500g resealable bags to stay fresher for longer - roughly 30 servings 
  • 💪 Lab tested caffeine - 180mg per 100ml water/25g coffee grounds or approx 40% stronger than a regular brew
  • ❤️ Low acidity beans & naturally packed with healthy antioxidants 
  • 😀 Perfect for milky or black coffees 

How to brew - check out our brew guide tab on this page. 

Done reading? Buy a bag, check our brew guide, make a delicious cup, get stuff done. Thirsty for more? Read on:👇


It's not just coffee, it's a calling. 

"Here be monsters," It's what ancient maps would say beyond any part of the world that had yet to be explored.

For some, it served a warning. But for others, it was a dare. They would set the great masts of their wooden ships, brew up their coffee and set sail like hellfire into the blackwater of the unknown. What would they find where the map ended? Doesn't matter. What matters is they chose to go. 

Like your explorer ancestors, you have monsters to hunt. And, like your ancestors, you need a good brew to fuel your journey. 

Go find your monster.

"I'm not convinced, tell me more?" 🤌

The geographical region where this coffee is sourced is blessed with an abundant supply of freshwater and at an altitude of 1020 metres above sea level, it's perfect growing conditions for our coffee. 

The farm is UTZ (certification label and program for sustainable farming) and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Proof indeed that only the highest standards are deemed acceptable. Whether it be from hand-picking the coffee cherries, the safety equipment use or to every other aspect of running the farm. That includes the treatment afforded to their own small herd of cattle, used primarily to produce the farm’s own compost. Certifications such as Rainforest Alliance and UTZ endorse the production of farm-made fertilisers. 

Why not just use more of your regular brew for an extra caffeine kick?

Good question. The trouble with doubling your usual dose of coffee, is it can affect the flavour.

It can become too intense and unbalanced, resulting in a sour or bitter brew. A cup of gymBrew will provide you with the buzz but also the taste! We want to be completely transparent with you, this isn't the strongest coffee available on the market. That can easily be achieved by using 100% Robusta beans, however these are often poor quality with large amounts of defects due to poor quality processing. 

How and why this blend is crafted?

We have worked hard to find the best tasting coffee which has a high caffeine content. 

Many people will know the coffee varieties Arabica and Robusta, however if you search deeper among the family tree of Arabica coffee species, you find different varieties (varietals in adjective) or hybrids such as Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai and the list goes on. Much like different varieties of grapes 

Within these varietals you have benefits and weaknesses such as resistance to pests or higher caffeine content. 

We have personally tried and lab tested many coffee varietals to seek out the ones with a naturally higher caffeine content, alongside quality flavour notes such as nut, chocolate and caramel (among other factors including traceability and sustainability). 

Caffeine content and verified lab testing isn’t readily available to the public and we’ve spent many months of painstaking research to finalise our gymBrew blend. With this behind us, we believe this strong coffee is truly unique. We have lab tested coffees that have originated from the following countries: Brazil, Guatemala, Uganda, Vietnam, Colombia, Sumatra, Ethiopia, Kenya, India and Honduras.

Why and what is small batch roasting? 

Small batch can mean a number of different things for different coffee roasters. We roast our gymBrew at 50% roaster capacity. We do this to roast the coffee beans on a higher convection heat, rather than conduction. This increases the airflow and allows for fantastic flavour development and a very tasty brew. 

Small batch also refers to the size of the coffee roaster. In this case we micro roast on a 5kg machine, allowing us to make micro changes, where necessary, throughout the roast. This creates a consistently high quality cup. 

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