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Carefully selected coffee from India, Asia.

What you need to know:

An exotic favourite, with smooth spicy notes. Heavy bodied with a long smoky finish.

Perfect for:

Espresso, Americano and filter coffees

Finer detail:

We usually roast medium to dark however if you have a preferred choice please let us know on the 'customer message' box on checkout.

The flavour of these Arabica coffee beans is truly unique, and similar only to our Monsoon Malabar in spiciness. The musky complex aromas are matched by the rustic earthy flavour notes. The long finish and big body makes this coffee especially impressive.

Origin: India

Estate: Various Highland Malabar Estates

Varietal: Arabica

Grade: AA

Cetification: RFA

Processing: Monsooned

Tasting Notes: Low acidity, heavy full body with strong earthy and spicy notes with aromas of dark chocolate & cinnamon.

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100% Arabica

Fully Compostable Packaging. Once opened, consume within two weeks for best results and before best before date.

Best kept in cool dry environment.