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Carefully selected premium direct trade, single estate coffee from Brazil, South America. Genuinely hand roasted to order, packed in fully compostable packaging. 

What you need to know:

An award winning coffee with fruity flavour and a natural sweetness with hints of banana and pineapple. You'll find this exquisite coffee in our 'Signature Gold Blend'. 

Perfect for:

Latte, Capuccino, Espressos and your first coffee of the day. 

Finer details:

We usually roast medium to dark however if you have a preferred choice please let us know on the 'customer message' box on checkout.

Fazenda Terra Preta is 100% Arabica coffee made from carefully selected beans. It has a remarkable aroma, soft body, fruity flavour and a natural sweetness with hints of chocolate, caramel and nuts .

The Terra Preta Farm is a traditional producer of award-winning quality coffees. The current owners are the 4th generation of family farmers. Prioritising the quality of the coffee Fazenda (Farm) Terra Preta allies new agricultural technologies with respect and care for the environment, as well as offering better conditions for their employees.

Country of Origin: Brazil

Region: Alta Mogiana

Plantation: Pedregulho

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Processing Method: Natural

Elevation: 1100masl

Approvals: Rainforest UTZ

Tasting Notes: Exotic Brazilian coffee, balanced acidity with sweetness have tropical flavours characteristics. Notes of cocoa and nuts to the finish.

SCA Score: 87

Alta Mogiana Region

The Region of Alta Mogiana is a traditional producer of the best Sao Paulo coffees because of its high altitude, favourable climate and extensive experience in the production of fine coffee. The Alta Mogiana Region benefits from excellent infrastructure with easy access to technology, skilled labour and complete infrastructure.

Located in Pedregulho/SP the Fazenda Terra Preta has favourable climate for Arabica coffee production, with crops between 900 and 1000 meters above sea level, resulting in beans with exceptional quality and unique characteristics.

Roasted & Rushed - Free Delivery Over £20

100% Arabica

250g or 1kg bags - Once opened, consume within two weeks for best results and before best before date.

Best kept in cool dry environment.