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gymBrew. Strong Coffee with FREE delivery

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Speciality Strong Coffee for Winners! With FREE delivery on every order.

"I'm so happy I've finally found a strong coffee that is absolutely delicious!" 

Carefully blended selection, producing a very tasty brew with a powerful kick. Small batch roasted to order, for maximum freshness.

High caffeine for a pre-workout alternative, help smash goals, hit targets or just to get stuff done! 

  • 100% natural, from our award winning roastery.
  • 25% stronger than a standard brew but not over powering. 
  • 250/500g resealable bags (around 30 servings), to stay fresher for longer.
  • FREE delivery on ALL gymBrew® coffee packs via Royal Mail

What you need to know:

A hazelnut, caramel flavour, with a smooth chocolate aftertaste.

Perfect for:

Bean-to-cup, Cafetière, Filter, Moka-Pot, Drip/V60 - perfect all round.

How & Why this Blend is Crafted:


We worked hard seeking out the best coffees for high caffeine content.

Many people will know the coffee varieties Arabica and Robusta, however if you search deeper among the family tree of Arabica coffee species, you find Varietals such as Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai and the list goes on.

Within these varietals you have benefits and weaknesses such as resistance to pests or higher caffeine content. 

We have tried and tested many coffee varietals to seek out the ones with naturally higher caffeine content alongside quality flavour notes such as nut, chocolate and caramel.

With this research behind us we believe our coffee is truly unique with 100% fully traceable and Rainforest Alliance Certified beans. 

Risk free brewing - money back guarantee if you don't enjoy your brew.

The Main Farm and Origins:

A sweet bold and balanced coffee with flavours of milk chocolate, cocoa, peanuts, pleasant after taste, low acidity, good body and clean tasting finish.

FARM – Fazenda São Lucas

OWNER Lucas Lancha de Oliveira

ALTITUDE – 1020 meters above sea level

LOCATION – Ribeirao Corrente, Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo

PROCESS – Natural

CERTIFICATIONS - Rainforest Alliance certified, UTZ certified and Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (AMSC)

VARIETY – Catucai and Mundo Novo

FARM SIZE - 250 hectares


Fazenda Sao Lucas is farmed by the sixth generation of coffee growers. Lucas Lancha de Oliveira opted to follow in his parents’ footsteps studying agriculture and becoming an agronomist.

This experience proved of great value to the family business. Lucas also served in the Brazilian armed forces.

In many ways Sao Lucas is a unique Coffee Farm. Lucas brought the dynamism of his military service and combined that with the knowledge gained from his studies which contributed greatly towards the unique chocolate, cocoa and milky qualities in his coffee, making it remarkable and distinct. On the Sao Lucas farm the coffee varietals grown are Mundo Novo, Catuai and Catucai.

To enhance the quality of the coffee Lucas’s knowledge was fundamental in the creation of home - made fertilizers. 
The geographical location of Sao Lucas Farm is b

lessed with an abundant supply of freshwater, it is near the town Ribeirao Corrente – meaning Flowing Waters. It is situated in the region of Alta Mogiana, at an altitude of 1020 above sea level and has 50 hectares of preserved rainforest. It enjoys 1,000 to 2,000mm of annual rainfall

It is UTZ and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Proof indeed that only the highest standards are deemed acceptable. Whether it be from hand picking the coffee safety equipment use to every other aspect of running the farm. That includes the treatment afforded their own small herd of cattle, used primarily to produce the farm’s own compost. Certifications such as Rainforest and UTZ endorses the production of farm-made its fertilizers yet farms few makes its own.

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