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Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
gymBrew - UK's Strongest 100% Arabica Coffee

gymBrew - UK's Strongest 100% Arabica Coffee

It's a bold statement for a bold brew:

gymBrew is the latest brew to our collection, featuring hand-selected, high caffeine content beans, as always roasted to order, with free U.K. delivery over £15.  

  • Low acidity coffee beans 
  • Roughly 50% stronger than regular coffee
  • gymBrew renegade - at least 100% stronger
  • Free Tracked Delivery over £15
  • 250/500g resealable pack - roughly 15/30 coffees
  • Rainforest Alliance certified farms
  • Small batch roasted for quality & freshness

How this blend is crafted:

We worked hard seeking out the best coffees for high caffeine content. Many people will know the coffee varieties Arabica and Robusta, however if you search deeper among the family tree of Arabica coffee species, you find Varietals such as Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai and the list goes on. Within these varietals you have benefits and weaknesses such as resistance to pests or higher caffeine content. 

We looked into many different coffee farms from all over the world, until we could satisfy the need for quality high caffeine coffee beans with a unique taste profile. 

We have used a coffee varietal with naturally higher caffeine content, with notes of walnut and chocolate. 

The results are a tasty 25-50% stronger cup to help blow away those cobwebs and get stuff done! 

The story doesn't end there:

Fazenda Sao Lucas

One of the farms that contribute towards gymBrew is that of Sao Lucas. A bold coffee with a sweet, balanced aftertaste. Notes of chocolate, peanut and cocoa shine through. Naturally processed near Sao Paulo by farmer Lucas Lancha, with a focus on milky coffee qualities. Worth noting this farm is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. 

For the best brew, check out our brew guide here -

Why small batch roasted?

Some things are better in small packages. One of them, we believe is gymBrew. We roast this coffee to a secret recipe. We can reveal we only roast in very small batches, this allows us to focus on the roast and make very small changes as and when needed, with immediate impact.

This allows us to produce the perfect roast every time! 

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