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Bulk buy coffee beans available from our online store now, with free delivery on all 1kg bags. Choose from all our blends and single origins including our Signature Blend.


Why buy bigger?

Buying bulk coffee not only saves you time and money but also reduces your carbon footprint - with less packaging, less parcel journeys and less waste. Don't forget our large coffee bags are fully compostable too!

All our coffees are roasted to order and delivered within 3-5 business days, and of course all bags are labeled with the roast date. Did you know coffee actually tastes best after at least 5 days after roasting. This is because the beans are still losing the carbon dioxide from the roasting process. We believe the best day to start drinking your coffee is the 10th day after roasting. Your coffee can stay fresh for at least 45 days after opening - just store in a cool, dark, airtight container. Or coffee can be kept in the freezer!


More on our Signature Blend:

Our signature blend is a carefully blended selection of speciality direct trade coffees from Brazil. Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified farms.  
What you need to know: A rich, nutty flavour, with a chocolate aftertaste - our best seller!  
Perfect for: Roasted and blended to suit all coffees.  
Country of Origin: Brazil
Region: Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo
Variety: Yellow Bourbon / Catucai
Processing Method: Natural Natural process, sun dried with 30 days resting period
Elevation: 1100masl / 1270 masl (metres above sea level)
Approvals: Rainforest & UTZ
Tasting Notes: Balanced acidity with sweetness of tropical flavours. Notes of cocoa and nuts to the finish.   The coffee is grown at an altitude of around 1,100 to 1270 meters above sea level. This allows for ideal levels of rainfall of approximately 1,000mm per year. The constant temperatures of 20-25 C make for ideal conditions for the growth of healthy coffee trees and cherries.  
QUALITY AND CERTIFICATION Every stage must be monitored and recorded to allow 100% traceability of the coffee, which is only one of UTZ's requirements. The farms are also members of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association.   
THE FARMERS One of the farms that contribute towards our blend is that of Gabriel and Flavia Lancha Oliveira, with a long heritage in coffee culture both are grandchildren of coffee producers. They themselves passed their love and care on to their sons, Lucas and Gabriel junior who are also dedicated full-time to the farm. In 1984 they formed The Labareda Group, diversifying into various rural activities although coffee is still the most foremost in family hearts and indeed remains their main crop.  Gabriel and Flavia are more than just a farming couple. Their objective is to sustainably develop their region from a social and economical point of view. Fazenda Bom Jesus was a founder of the Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association - AMSC. It promotes a greater conscience with regard to speciality coffee in the region as well as developing better farm practices. Performance bonus payments are also made alongside employees fixed wages. Flavia verifies that all employees on the farm must be literate and receive specialized training to do their job. As for the workforce, all their children must be enrolled at the local school.  Rainforest Alliance coffee beans packaged in biodegradable packaging! (1kg and up sizes)   Best kept in cool dry environment. 

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